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Top Unique Dog ideas

I read an article once that said dogs hear “S” sounds well and hard consonant sounds like a hard G or a J sound like in Gummy or Jerry or a hard C sound like Cookie.

It may not be imaginative but it can help if the dog ever gets lost to unique dog names it something that describes it like Blackie, Buffy (tan or buff colored), Hershey (for brown dogs), Red, Spots or Whitey.

I want to caution you against using names that might scare people or give them reason to harm the dog because the name sounds vicious like Killer or Butcher. Also don’t call it anything that is offensive or embarrassing.

I suggest trying out a few names to see if one gets his attention more than another. But once you name him don’t change it a month or 2 down the road.

  • ossiculo smith
  • Oct 25 2020
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