[Yaware.Service] Ідеї та побажання по функціоналу сервісу


Looking for flange management software? We develop products in close cooperation with the engineering disciplines that use them. We do this by engaging in partnerships with large engineering companies, so we can build the best products on the market. Flange connections are still one of the biggest sources of leaks in the industry. IMS FCM is a web-based flange management software tool for managing those (critical) flanges. This small but powerful IMS module will warrant a structured approach to the assembly and dismantling of (critical) flanges. It provides a maintenance protocol based on tension or torque calculations and a checklist for the execution of the work. After completion, the work history is archived and can be shared with the integrity department. Visit us at https://cenosco.com/ims-flanges/

  • Nick Smith
  • Oct 21 2020
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