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In the US, Why Are Coronavirus Cases Decreasing?

The COVID-19 situation has battered in the last couple of months for the US than it was at the beginning of the year. There was a decline observed in the COVID-19 cases and still, the bar is inching downwards for the US. Both the government and the people are satisfied with the results. Plus, why would they not be? The country which was badly hit by the pandemic is now slowly recovering from the trauma and regaining its lost glory. However, this doesn’t mean that the US has beaten the virus completely. Reports still suggest that the number of cases is higher than the spring results regardless of the number of tests done.

Till now, 119,497,624 tests are done out of which 8,037,789 came out positive and 220,011 individuals have already lost their lives at the hands of the virus. It is reported that at an average, almost 500-600 COVID-19 deaths are reported from around the country. Not to forget, this ratio is higher than any developed country suffering from the pandemic.

Still, the drop in daily COVID-19 positive results in the US is real and noticeable, which means fewer coronavirus patients will be identified in the next couple of weeks and possibly months.

So, what happened in the last months that slightly turned the tables for the US?

Well, it is obvious that the coronavirus precautionary measures and people’s commitment to follow them help limit the COVID-19 spread. But the government also played a great role in spreading awareness about the disease while ensuring Americans follow the said measures. The following list includes a few of the government responses to the outbreak that helped in limiting the coronavirus spread.

Government Response to COVID-19

• Social Distancing and Masking

After the first round of damage done by the COVID-19, the government ruled out strict policies for wearing masks and maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet. More testing was done and people were advised to avoid going in crowded places to keep themselves safe from catching the virus. They were only asked to leave their homes for buying necessary utilities and food items. Also, health care specialists advised the Americans to wear gloves and limit their meetings with friends and other family members.

• Shutting Down of Public Places

People who visit public places are more likely to get infected by the disease. That’s why the government ordered to shut down the eateries and other entertainment facilities to keep its people protected. If we talk about dine-outs, only takeaways and delivery services were allowed to operate. On the other hand, pubs, cinemas, hotels, and other facilities’ operations were put on hold until further notice. Some people opposed the idea, as they considered social distancing to be enough. But if we think practically, it was a good decision because these spaces have little or no ventilation and the virus seems to spread faster in such places.

• Closing of all Educational Institutes

Students, especially school going kids are more prone to catching the virus because they are less careful towards their hygiene. While the decision of the historic closing of schools was taken almost immediately as soon as the pandemic hit, but still, few institutes held their convocation ceremonies in person. However, some states have decided to reopen their schools to continue their educational activities whereas states where the coronavirus cases are still at peak, decides to remain shut. At the same time, wearing masks and maintaining social distance is mandatory for all.

• Coronavirus Campaigns for All

As the pandemic was quickly evolving, it was difficult for the state government to set up campaigns and programs to keep the citizens informed. Still, they managed to gather relevant coronavirus information from credible sources and created a platform for the Americans to receive instant support. It includes everything from child care, child support, and a list of communities offering coronavirus help services, emergency hotlines, and helplines, assistance for needy families during the COVID-19 pandemic, and whatnot. All just to ensure that the citizens knew they were looked after and thought of during the times of crisis.

• Scams and Fraud Awareness

Many fraudsters tried taking advantage of the pandemic by spreading fake news just to smear fear among the Americans. For this, the US Department of Justice took strict action and exposed several coronavirus-related scams including the remaking/reselling of face masks, fraudulent testing, and fake emails from the CDC. Also, the U.S Postal Inspection Service advised people to report such scams and provided tips to prevent themselves from falling for these hoaxes. Know that organizations doing coronavirus-related work are closely monitored for potential scams and punished if found guilty.

So, these were the government enforced precautionary measures to limit the virus spread. But what can you do as a responsible citizen to stop the virus from spreading? Check the list below to know more.

Advice for the Public

• Watch Your Distance

Whenever you go out, ensure keeping a distance of a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and others. This will keep you safe from catching infections when somebody coughs or sneezes near you.

• Avoid Shaking Hands

The virus is mainly transmitted through physical activities. For instance, if you touch an infected place and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, the virus makes its way inside your body. So, at least during this coronavirus outbreak, say no to handshaking and keep washing your hands with soapy water for 20 seconds to get rid of the germs/virus.

• Wear a Mask

Wear a fabric mask when you are surrounded by people. Make sure it covers your mouth, chin, and as well as the nose for maximum protection. In case you are sick/ill, you must use a surgical/medical mask. Moreover, people above 60 years of age and those who have a weak immune system should consider surgical masks above the cloth mask.

• Seek Professional Help

If you have questions related to the coronavirus precautionary measures or want to know more about its facts and stats, log on to 7dollaressays for more insights. Because it is better to validate your thoughts before you start believing in them. Moreover, in case of emergencies, always reach out for help. There are doctors and healthcare professionals ready to assist you and guide you at all times.

Assuming the coronavirus death graph to be declining, you must keep following the measures until the virus is completed knocked out of the country. Because if not done, there are higher chances of cases increasing in the upcoming fall and winter. So, show that you are a responsible American citizen and that you love your country dearly. Wear masks, look after your hygiene, maintain distance, and get yourself tested in case of minor coronavirus symptoms. It’s time to move forward and beat coronavirus to its core!

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